Month: May 2022


There have recently been reported outbreaks of leptospirosis in dogs in Sydney. This can be a life-threatening disease which is most commonly contracted by drinking water contaminated with infected rat urine 🐭
Affected dogs may show signs of:
🐾 lethargy
🐾 inappetence (eating less than usual)
🐾 drinking more than usual
🐾 vomiting
🐾 diarrhoea
In more advanced cases, some dogs may develop jaundice (yellow discolouration of the gums, skin and whites of the eyes).
This disease is zoonotic (can spread to people) and is highly contagious through the animal’s urine so please take necessary precautions with you and your family and see your doctor if you are concerned.
Although in the area we have not yet seen any animal cases, as a precaution, we are now advising that all dogs are vaccinated against it. This involves 2 vaccinations one month apart. Depending on the time of this vaccination it may be able to be synchronised with their regular vaccinations.
Please be sure to contact us on 6372 6780 to make an appointment to have your dog vaccinated.

A Big Thank You To All!

That’s a wrap on our Open Day Celebrating Church Street Veterinary Hospital’s 50 Years of servicing the Mudgee Region. A little bit of rain didn’t stop the celebrations!

We would like to thank all those who braved the weather and came to enjoy the fun. A special thanks goes out to our supporters who made the day possible:

  • John Dalton from Randlab
  • Vicky Cannon with lots of foaling and horse information
  • Julia Adams from Provet (on her birthday!)
  • Gavin Swords with his sheep and lambs
  • Vicky Luhrs with her alpacas
  • Neville and Sue King with their working dogs
  • James Wannan with his Geese and Turkey
  • Rachel Innes from Maximus bulldogs
  • Susan Drent with her kittens
  • RSPCA Central West Supporter Group with their warming sausage sandwiches
  • Cafe Sassy Mobile Diner for the amazing coffee
  • Mayne St Cafe for the delicious cake
  • The Carneys for the wonderful display of artwork
  • Mudgee Race Club Inc for supplying the marquis, tables and BBQ

Here’s to next 50 years of servicing the wonderful clients in the Mudgee Region.

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