Brave Patient Award

This is "Buddy" - 10yr old Boston Terrier

Earlier this year Buddys' owner noticed he was squinting and blinking his right eye more than usual, he also appeared to be sensitive to light.  He presented to our clinic and on examination we found a small ulcer on the surface of the eye.  He was given a prescription for eye ointment 3 times daily and to return in 10 days for a recheck.

On the next examination we found the ulcer had progressed and was now quite severe, a prescription for a different eye ointment was given along with some pain relief to help with Buddys' discomfort.  Eye injuries can be extremely painful.

Buddy returned to our clinic 2 days later still quite sore and now with an obvious protrusion from his cornea, the Vet was concerned that the ulcer may have been caused by Glaucoma as Buddy has not been able to see out of this eye.  The recommendation was to remove the eye as it is not going to heal and will remain very painful.

Buddy had surgery later that day, a procedure called EYE ABLATION, all went very well and he has recovered nicely.  He does now have a very 'one-eyed' view on the world.

Well done Buddy x




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