Pandas Fractured Hind-leg

This is Panda.  Panda was adopted from the pound as a kitten by his loving family, he is now 2 years old.  Panda has always been in good health and adjusted well to his new environment.  When he was 18 months old he didn't return to the house for his dinner at the usual time which was very rare for him!  A little while later his owner found him hiding underneath the patio table and that he was holding his right hind-leg at a funny angle.  It was immediatley obvious that acute trauma had happened of some sort as Panda was fine this morning.

His owner then phoned us and presented to our clinic for an examination.  We found Pandas right-hind leg was definitely non-weight bearing, very swollen and painful.  We administered a sedation and some pain relief and took some x-rays.  These showed a displaced fracture.

The options for Panda were;

1. Referral to a specialist centre

2. A surgical procedure to cross-pin the fracture

3. Amputation of the limb

4. Euthanasia

The owners chose the surgical procedure that we would perform in our clinic.  Panda was hospitalised and made comfortable with pain relief and given a few days to allow the swelling to reduce.  

On the day of the surgery Panda was in good spirits and the swelling had reduced as planned.  The surgical cross-pinning was a success and Panda recovered very well from the anaesthesia.  The next day on post operative examination Panda was already toe-touching on his injured leg and seemed to be recovering well.  

After some very careful monitoring and confinement at home we can report that Panda has made a full recovery.  




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