Health Checks

Why We Reccommend Health Checks

Dogs and cats age on average, five to eight times faster than humans. By age two, most pets have already reached adulthood. At age four, many are entering middle age. By age seven, many cats and dogs, particularly larger breed dogs, are entering their senior years.

Because pets age so rapidly, major health changes can occur in a short amount of time. The risk of heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and other serious conditions all increase with age. Early detection is important and annual health checks can help your veterinarian diagnose and treat problems early or even prevent problems occurring altogether.

Annual health checks also offer you a great opportunity to ask us about nutrition, behaviour or any other topics.


What Does A Health Check Involve?

Our vets will give your pet a careful physical examination, calmly and quietly to put your pet at ease. We will look at issues you want addressed and also check for any other signs of a problem. If we can, we will treat the problem right away, but sometimes we will need to organise for further testing like an x-ray or blood test.

If your pet is due for an exam,
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