What can I, and my pet, expect from the team at Church Street Veterinary Hospital?

While everyone at Church Street Veterinary Hospital believes in preventative medicine for keeping your pets in the best health for the duration of their lives, some conditions are not resolvable through medicine or lifestyle changes.

Specific injuries and diseases require a more severe approach, such as surgery. The idea of your pet going through surgery may cause you to feel uneasy and concerned, but you should know our trained and experienced staff handle every procedure with the utmost care and consideration.

We know how much your pet means to you, which is why we will take every necessary measure to ensure they are comfortable before, during and after surgery.

Minimising The Risks Of Anaesthesia

To ensure your pet will be able to properly process and eliminate an anaesthetic from their body, it is recommended that your pet has a pre-anaesthetic blood test to ensure their organs are functioning properly. This is particularly important for seniors patients or those having major surgery.

We recommend allowing these tests, as it can give you peace of mind, help us detect any extra illness, reduce risks in surgery, and to protect your pet’s future health.

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